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  • PVC Compound Suppliers

    PVC Compound For Pipes

    In the Building & Construction, PVC Compounds for Pipes is the best application choice. We take the liability of Product Quality because only best quality PVC can offer you best results in its applications. These pipes can easily be fitted to the surface, or buried, trench less, slip lined, floating and submerged. PVC piping systems are considered to be the most reliable options for all kinds of applications and usage because it offers reliability and long lasting benefits as well.

    PVC Compounds For Cables

    The applications of PVC Compounds for Cables are widely popular in the Foods & Packaging Applications. In the packaging and food industry, PVC is widely used for the purpose of producing bottles, crown caps and blister packaging films. Additionally, it is also widely used by the manufacturers of office equipment, appliance components, connectors, boxes, tapes, sheathing, cable insulation, flame retardant sheathing, flame retardant – low smoke sheathing and high temperature cable applications etc.

    PVC Compound For Wire

    Tie wire or PVC Drop Wire is popular in various applications. It is highly preferred because it possesses the capability of being water proof and durable in all conditions. PVC Compound for Wire is best choice because it offers the assurance of higher level strength. The PVC wires are insulation resistant and conductor resistant. Additionally, they have too low breakage possibility. PVC wire does not burn at any condition in first 60 seconds which makes it highly preferable for all needs.

    Medical Grade PVC Compound

    Medical Grade PVC is highly preferred in medical industry. There are lots of PVC compound suppliers and importers but medical industry only demands the best quality PVC. Medical Grade PVC is preferred for the purpose of manufacturing flanges for Copper-T, Disposable tubes, IV- Tubes, oxygen mask, regulators, urine bags, blood bags, glucose bags etc. There are certain Ethical Standards that every company has to follow and Rajendra Chemicaloffers you best quality PVC for all medical needs.

    PVC Compound For Extrusion

    There are lots of Industrial Applications of PVC. There are multiple PVC compound importers and suppliers available but every company has Environmental Responsibility to follow. Nishan Marketing will offer you lots of variety in PVC products such as Petrol tubes, co-extrusion strap, profiles, hoses for fuel & oils, sleeves, gaskets, door & window profiles and sliding, fitting, H-band, co-extrusion spiral hoses, lip seals and all tailor made applications etc.