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    PVC is one of the most widely used raw materials. This is the material that allows various kinds of industries to produce and develop products which could be Soft, Flexible, Light and Rigid. These are the basic features of PVC. It is clear that this material is really very useful for various kinds of industries but the success of its productions and outcome is usually determined with the help of PVC Additives. In order to finalize the resin into perfectly finished product, PVC Additives Suppliers must add the necessary ingredients. In this procedure, other ingredients of the procedure could be lubricants, heat stabilizers and fillers. If we talk about most common types of additives that need to be mixed with the basic ingredient are plasticizers, for example, Epoxy Resins, Butyl Glycolate and Dialkyl Azelates Etc.

    After the addition of various kinds of PVC Additives, PVC reaches to the stage of modulation and fabrication so that it could become the source of the development of lots of durable and useful products such as water popes, electric cables and their coverings, different kinds of construction materials, agro-films and many other kind of medical devices.

    Different types of additives for PVC

    Stabilisers: It possesses the capability of heat stability enhancement in heating and moulding operations.

    Plasticisers: Allows products to become flexible and has many other remarkable qualities that allow it to become best for certain production purpose.

    Antioxidants and UV absorbents: These will provide best prevention from quality deterioration when the plastic products are being used.

    Lubricants, Pigments and Fillers: Possesses qualities that make plastic products highly useful from various industrial and general usage perspectives.

    Best PVC Additives Trader And Distributor

    If you are looking for PVC additives distributor then your research ends here because Rajendra Chemical will offer you best quality PVC Additive. We have extensive range of best quality PVC compounds that will suit all your needs. The basic qualities of best quality PVC are:

    • Heat resistant
    • Appropriate for low pressure
    • Flexible Sheathing
    • Environmentally Comfortable

    Good choice of quality PVC can allow you to get improved performance in the moulding of all kinds of products. So, if you want PVC then Rajendra Chemicals can offer you best results of your purchase. We focus all our services on customer so that we can fulfil their requirements and with complete Customer Satisfaction.