PE Wax Flakes

YPW (GP) – PE Wax Flakes

This is high quality non-oxidized, non-polar polyethylene wax produced by our state of art manufacturing process. YPW (GP) wax is fully saturated homo polymer and has high degree of linearity. It possesses excellent heat stability.

Features and Benefits

Our Proprietary YPW (GP) Polyethylene wax flakes provide benefits that are unique and distinct from other synthetic or petroleum based waxes. Our manufacturing process produces refined and controlled molecular weight product. Its properties remain stable at higher temperature than its melting point.

Typical Properties of YPW (GP)

Characteristics Reference Value Unit
Viscosity @ 140ºC 30-70 Cst
Drop Point 112-115 ºC
Needle Penetration 4-5 mm
Density 0.92-0.96 g/cc
Shape Flakes
Appearance White


Carnauba wax can produce a glossy finish and as such is used in automobile waxes, shoe polishes, dental floss, instrument polishes, and floor and furniture waxes and polishes.

Because of its hypoallergenic and emollient properties as well as its shine, carnauba wax appears as an ingredient in many cosmetics formulas where it is used to thicken lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, deodorant, various skin care preparations, sun care preparations, etc.


Paraffin wax is the most commonly used commercial wax. It is derived by deoiling paraffin slack wax feedstock. It is commonly sold in slabs or prills in bags, which exhibit crystallinity and various degrees of translucency. The refined grades are tasteless, odorless, hard and have less than 0.5% oil content, by weight.


Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE) – thermoplastic polymer, composed of high molecular weight polyethylene which has been chlorinated – a process that yields a flexible rubber-like material.

Mainly used as impact modifier for PVC or compounded with LDPE or HDPE film to improve toughness.