CPVC compound

CPVC compound

CPVC Compound

CPVC compounds are formulated according to the actual CPVC products as per their quality standards. The form of CPVC compound is powder or pellets.

Features of CPVC Compound

* Easily to use, customers don’t need to add any more additives;

* Superior processability, wide processing range, finished end products;

* Excellent mechanical strength at high temperature;

* High Vicat softening point, excellent heat resistance;

* Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance;

* Excellent flame resistance and low smoke generation.



Extrusion of hot water pressure pipe;

Extrusion of sprinkler pipe;

Extrusion of industry pipe;

Injection molding of pressure fitting for hot water;

Injection molding of sprinkler pipe fitting;

Injection molding of industry pipe fitting.