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    Director's Message (Jaypee Group, Edu)

    Dear Parents,

    Once your child joins us, he/she is whole-heartedly part of the SPV family!

    When we groom our children we keep in mind, how they should be once they step out of our secure school environment into the big world full of challenges. But challenges are best fought with inner strength. It is these amalgamation of traits that our compassionate faculty develops throughout the years.

    Schools inculcate good habits by engaging children in activities which teach values. Some habits we wish to hone are:

    • Good Communication: We ensure students speak in English and advise parents to do so at home so there’s consistency in learning. Hindi is equally important but is easily learned during our growing years, but English becomes advantageous when our students become working professionals. Communication in our vision also includes body language, gestures and introspection.


    • Environment Conscious: We cherish but also exhaust what our forefathers left behind. At our school we teach children the true meaning of sustainable development. To use our resources judiciously like save water, to keep our classrooms/corridors clean, throw all garbage in the bin among others.


    • Time-Management: In today’s times this is an extremely important life skill. Students should have a good balance of scholastic and co-scholastic activities which is incorporated in our time-table. Time Management helps them divide their time among the two, for positive results. The same needs to be followed at home, where playing outdoors and finishing their Home Work should be top priority instead of wasting time on social media, although online learning tools are worth appreciating. Students who are able to achieve this balance will remain calm even as exams approach because they would’ve studied the whole year by religiously revising what was done in class, every day.


    • Sportsmanship: Sports is an integral part of our School system. But it just doesn’t imply at only ‘providing options for Sports.’ It means teaching our future Sports Stars – ‘Sportsmanship’ where defeat and victory is accepted with the same gratitude. We’re happy to see our children get an opportunity to represent the school and expect them to work hard to give their best but without stressing upon the end result. As we know failure is the best teacher.


    • Good Etiquettes: This is a broad spectrum but in order to simplify it, we focus upon good behavior and discipline in all classes. Which includes – Greeting all and respecting elders, accepting mistakes, oppose bullying, treat peers with no discrimination on the basis of religion or social status and many other qualities which helps develop a likable, wholesome personality.

    In conclusion, we admit that no school can succeed without a successful partnership with their PARENTS!
    Teachers and Parents need to work as a TEAM to understand, motivate and encourage their children to excel. And as our motto says: HUMILITY ENHANCES EXCELLANCE.

    I request all parents to be patient and allow the school to flourish under the leadership of Principal, Shri. Ranjit ji. He is an extremely hard working and honest gentleman.

    All the best!
    Manika Gaur